The Power of Imagination

‘Imagination’ is a bridge built from the place inside to space outside

Imagination is a unique human ability that helps us explore ideas that is not real, not relevant to our present environment and at times beyond comprehension. Because what is generated out of our imagination is from within of us rather than something outside, it stretches our thinking, churns up the mind, vitalizes it to be able to see possibilities that’s relevant to current times. It taps our creative potential, and we are able to accesses our resourcefulness which we are unaware of but exists within all of us.

‘Thinking beyond reality to think in reality’

Imagination is to see things through the eyes of innate knowing, without rationalizing or aiming to find meaning. Imagination is to access possibilities other than what is available to the senses, it moves beyond times than what is available in the present and it comprises of perspectives which is not limited to one’s own frame. Imagination is vast and not confined to any of the mental conditionings.

‘Imagination is like the fertile ground which is hardly watered yet bears seeds when accidentally nurtured for the fruits of innovation’.

We all talk about innovating but hardly realize that innovation is a by-product of imagination. Imagination is an expansive concept which opens us up to everything that is not easily perceived by the conditioned mind. Imagination breaks the barrier of ‘should’ and ‘would’ to focus on ‘could’.

Imagination fosters innovation. Innovation is the outcome and attracts focus, imagination is the means which is neglected. Imagine the power of outcome if the means to reach the outcome is available and environment is made conducive for it. ‘Access the unreal to create the real and innovate the surreal’.

Knowing the difference, Imagination, Creativity and Innovation

Imagination is about visualizing things which are non-existent and not for real. Creativity is a more practical process which is about using imagination to turn ideas into reality. Innovation is about turning a new concept into something that is viable and is more towards actionable or implementable stage. It is about improving an existing system or process.

Imagination has a bigger frame of focus, its expansive as a concept and the focus is on everythinga, including the impossible. Creativity is a little narrowed down concept which focus on all that might be possible but needs further exploration. Innovation is a much narrower concept which zeros down to what is present right here in front that can be improved.

Imagination is where it all begins. It sows the seed of possibility and starts the story of a world beyond existence. Creativity draws upon imagination to make the impossible possible. Innovation uses both creativity and imagination to build and improve upon what is existing already. Imaginate…create…innovate….a funnel down approach. It is a journey from divergent to convergent thinking process.

Sir Ken Robinson says, Creativity is applied imagination. Innovation is applied creativity. What’s your imagination around ‘imagination’?


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Ellora Rath

Ellora looks at Art as an interdisciplinary subject and is passionate about its application in bringing the creative aspect to the mainstream. She designs and facilitates creative exploration through the aesthetic lens. Motivated by lifelong learning, she identifies herself as an artist at heart and finds her expression as a poet and storyteller.

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Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination

‘Imagination’ is a bridge built from the place inside to space outside Imagination is a unique human ability that helps us explore ideas that is ...
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