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Who Are We?

AIC is a Learning and Organization Development consulting firm.

We are your partners in capability building. Our work enables individuals, groups and organizations to drive the required shift through the interdisciplinary Organization development philosophy based on Applied behavior sciences.


To facilitate exploration and impactful learning experiences through creative, experiential and holistic interventions leading to shift in perspectives, access to inner resourcefulness and infinite possibilities.

What Do We Do

We engage with you to understand, design and deliver creative, holistic interventions to enable well-being, performance and learning, building a conducive environment towards the growth and development of the organization.

Areas of Work


Culture is the bridge between ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’. As the enabler of all initiatives, culture in an organization which has been thoughtfully and mindfully built over a period of time helps navigate difficult times and transition a change smoothly. 


An organization’s ability to learn and put the learning to action is what determines the performance. The organization with better results is intentional about tapping the true potential of people and promoting higher level of learning among its members.


Leadership development is a journey that begins and ends with developing self as a leader by being the enabler and difference maker to enrich many people in between. Leadership development can be considered as the game changer in building a healthy organisational identity


Self-discovery, the most peaceful yet the most frightening voyage to undertake. After all, every good thing comes with a cost and the cost here is to tread the unknown, the discomfort and the unusual. It can be the most satisfying and gratifying journey to the inner world of self to understand the choices we make, the meaning and potential that we hold and the powerhouse we are.


A space using ARTs as a mode of exploration and engagement to support learning, well-being and creative expansion. This is realised through creative processes that unveil the creative spirit in each of us. ART is a process driven phenomena that establishes relativity to the outside world through the outcome that gets created. Art can be a powerful transformative tool if the focus shifts from the product to the process of creation.

The Approach

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

Our work is through the lens of Applied behavior sciences, focusing on human processes alongside task processes. We bring in value as your co-creation partners, to align the integrated and interrelated aspects of the whole system, which normally goes unnoticed.

We drive effectiveness by co-creating and holding INCLUSIVE space while building capability and fostering meaningful connections. Our interventions can be short term or long-term depending on the client’s need.



Engagement with stakeholders to align to the objective and the purpose of intervention.



Collection of valid data about human experiences in the system.



Designing the intervention from a systemic lens



Facilitating the processes as per the design and the on going need.



Assisting the execution of the plan towards the desired change as part of the intervention.



A timely and regular interval check to ensure the effectiveness of the process.


We work through a combination of task and human processes, focusing on SELF as an instrument of Change.

Our work focuses on Integrated & interrelated aspects of the whole system.

We believe that there is latent wisdom in the client system. Co-creating and partnering with the client enables the wisdom rather than working just as experts.

Use of humanistic principles of OD, Applied psychology, Experiential learning tenets and Art based learning methodology to enable better transfer and retention of learning.

Action research method to understand, customize, design and deliver interventions that are creative, unique and experiential

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