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Play of Emotions

Being playfully emotional – Riding on the swings, slides and see-saws of emotional park Emotions are like weatherSometimes dry sometimes ...
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Have You been able to rest?

Life is a race unless we choose to rest. Life seems to be high speed until we choose to pause. ...
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Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination

‘Imagination’ is a bridge built from the place inside to space outside Imagination is a unique human ability that helps ...
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Reclaim the ‘Shakti’ within

‘Ardhanarishwara’, the deity symbolizes masculine and feminine in each human being irrespective of gender, embracing dualities of life. SHIVA (or ...
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The meaning and significance of Teacher Trusting theExistence of infinite potential throughAppreciation andCompassionate nurturing toHarvest the hiddenEclectic energy andResourcefulness within ...
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Organisational Trauma

The word ‘trauma’ is synonymous to unprocessed emotions that gets stored in the system and we believe that we don’t ...
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Rebound 2021

Co-authored by Adi Raheja It’s said every crisis brings along an opportunity to create something more meaningful, more relevant and ...
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GANAPATI…the Leader of People

Accessing some leadership lessons from our very own lord of People….Ganpati bappa!
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Organization Development Principles

Co-authored by Adi Raheja Organization Development Principle 1: Holistic and Integrated Organization Development (OD), the field is the most relevant ...
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