Play of Emotions

Being playfully emotional – Riding on the swings, slides and see-saws of emotional park

Emotions are like weather
Sometimes dry sometimes wet
Some days they blossom
Some days dead and wither

Emotions are like waves
Sometimes in peace
Other times in haste
in silence they grow
In expression find solace

Emotions are like mountains
Hard to move and stand still
Holding eruptous volcano within
playing strong in a farce drill

Emotions are like clouds
gentle, soft and displaced
At times a thundering bolt
Almost impossible to be chased

Emotions are like trees
providing a restful shade
Sometimes fruitful sometimes weedy
Unidentifiable and shocking masquerade

Emotions are like fire
blazing high and fusing out
growing and seething within
breaking ties and leaving a void
when they burst in clout

Emotions are like wind
dancing and swirling all around
at times under the wrap
almost hideous and difficult to find

Emotions are like ether
Their presence subtle and sharp
Difficult to acknowledge
and tough to ignore either

For when emotions are ignored
they play games without rules
For when emotions are acknowledged
they make me feel like a fool

Emotions to me feel like
A blunt two-edged sword
You can’t just put them down
When they are your only guard
You can’t carry them around
As your presence may go charred

Catch them live and
catch them young
tune into the music within
and sign the song unsung
Emotions are as natural
As the elements of nature
Their purpose in life
is to guard and nurture

Create a space for emotions to hold
When you listen to them, you mine the gold
They are the compass to life’s lost ship
They show up to give power, help find lost grip
Emotions are gifts of being human
To appreciate and unite in connection
Emotions are co-travellers, a sign that you exist
Gateway to your world, a guide to your quest

Don’t just witness the emotional upheaval
Let’s get involved in the idea of play
The more we play in the emotional park
A more meaningful journey we embark

The emotions are yours,
you are not your emotions
You have the power over them,
they don’t have the power over you
Treat the emotions as guests to you
And claim your power back
by giving them recognition long due!


Picture of Ellora Rath

Ellora Rath

Ellora looks at Art as an interdisciplinary subject and is passionate about its application in bringing the creative aspect to the mainstream. She designs and facilitates creative exploration through the aesthetic lens. Motivated by lifelong learning, she identifies herself as an artist at heart and finds her expression as a poet and storyteller.

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