Some of our creative explorations in the past have been in the following areas. All these interventions can be customized to cater to the actual need.

An imperative for high engagement and sustainable business requiring to think beyond just benefits…because it matters to everyone!

An invitation to think through the meaning of holistic well being at an organizational level and the associated accountability that comes along. Highly customized and
Co-created well being interventions directed at areas needing attention post a detailed and
integrated assessment.

Experimental and experiential space for reflective learning to enable well-being and inclusive connections

A well-being initiative to engage in theme-based conversations that truly matters to us to
express, release, redefine and relive the associated experiences. An inclusive space that
enables expression and helps find one’s agency through multiple creative methodology.

An Inclusion and Diversity initiative to bring the unconscious bias to conscious awareness through creative modalities and setting up an intentional culture in line with values and conducive to the growth and development of the system.

Can feedback be as natural as the rain, gentle enough to nourish the growth without
damaging the roots?

Feedback, as continuous process of culture building, when communicates the same values as
that of Organization’s helps set up a culture consistent to what the organization stands for
and forms the foundation of performance, engagement and belongingness. A customized,
experiential and creative program that uncovers the art of feedback giving and receiving in
line with the Org values, delivered using multiple creative modalities.

Discover the Artistry of Leadership.

A customized and co created, immersive learning experience that unfolds the journey of leading creatively in the face of complex and changing situations. The Creative Leadership process enables a heightened sense of autonomy and possibility within to navigate the
dynamic realities outside through multiple art-based exploration.

Unleashing the creative potential of our children to reveal the beautiful and plentiful secrets of life.

A creative and experiential program for children and young adults focusing on holistic learning- inculcating sensitive, insightful, inclusive, community building skills

….the ultimate search is that of SELF Because being lost is worth being FOUND!

The creative and experiential program is curated for the gen next (graduates/post graduates) who wish to carve a space for themselves by mastering conscious choice making and finding purpose in the magical and adventurous journey of life. The program takes the participants on a journey through different pathways focusing on the inner world, their relation to the outer world and the impact that they create to reach to a destination of aligned, aware and better version of SELF.
It can be customized for educational institutions and for corporate organizations to support the ‘campus to corporate transition’ focusing on choice making, self and social awareness and effective performance.


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