The Story

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them” – Albert Einstein

It all started when two friends engaged in long hours of virtual conversation during the 2020 pandemic of how sudden change impacted everything and everyone around. The firm was a result of intense brainstorming and passion for what we believed in around addressing concerns as professionals in people space. The pandemic threw a whole different light on possibilities and the room for viewing the world and operating differently. It has set many different milestones towards achieving a better future rooted in human centric practices, a flexible and open mindset that can drive sustainable change.

And people being the centre of change, how can they be empowered so that systems are enabled to sail through the uncertainties of highly complex world.

With this intention, AIC is our endeavour to support individuals, organizations and communities to unleash their creative potential and tread a path of resilience, meaning and purpose. 

Meaning Behind Logo

“The real point of being alive is to evolve into the whole person you were intended to be.”

– Oprah Winfrey

The logo talks about the infinite possibilities that we stand on. The access to the possibilities outside is through the inner lens of connectedness and integrated idea of existence.

This requires nurturance and a space of holding to grow, flourish and just be. The potential in each of us can be discovered with a touch of compassion and a space that empowers.

‘A small meaningful encounter can create a big impact’


Our values are our guiding principles that support us live the humanistic philosophy.

Responsibility is the first value important for a wilful intention of change and transformation. For us it means
– Commitment towards what is discussed and agreed upon
– Alignment of action towards the objective (stay true)
– Taking ownership with best interest of the client in mind

The second value of Making difference is present in each goal of our action and thoughts like the second element Water which is present in every cell of our body with a goal to moisturise and nurture. For us it means

– Sense of achievement in bringing about a shift by creating value, touching lives and
– Working towards greater good aiming at growth and development

The third value talks about holding a space that is vast, eternal, and enveloping. For us it means
– Balancing act of holding the task and people together by being sensitive to all the stakeholders, respect their views, thoughts, perceptions and recognize the value that each brings for the fulfilment of the task.
– Appreciating the uniqueness of each individual by recognizing their strengths and motivation

The fourth value is characterized by the passion towards what we believe in and adds to the vitality of all actions. For us it means

– Taking risks to explore the possibilities by venturing into the unknown
– Challenging the existing thinking, beliefs, practices
– Being authentic and vulnerable
– Taking decisions required to be taken and own the consequences fully

The fifth value is characterised by the subtle and constant movement of breath, the space between knowing and not knowing (seeking to know) For us it means
– Seek first to understand and then to be understood
– Understanding of the context, the judgement and discernment of what and when to respond.
– Practicing fairness and appropriation free of personal biases and judgements
– The groundedness to learn, share and grow in the best interest of the purpose

Meet Us

We flourish on different yards and thrive together in the same ground.

Ellora Rath

Founder and Consultant, Creativity Evangelist & Facilitator in Action

Adi Raheja

Friend, Philosopher and Guide
Co-founder & Facilitator

Lakshmidevi Vasudevan

OD Consultant, Facilitator in
Action & Partner in Crime

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