Relating to Art

What kind of art form do you like? Do you like Bansky or do you like Picasso? Do you relate to Shakespeare or Tagore? Or do you relate to Kenny G or A R Rahman?

Why different people relate to different art forms? Why some people like minimalistic paintings and others like colourful? Why some people like ghazals and others like rock? How you experience art is less about the art and the artist, it’s more about you. You meet yourself through art. Art is a doorway to self. If you don’t relate to any art, possibly you don’t relate with yourself, yet. Next time you come across a piece of music, dance form, a painting or poetry take a moment to inquire what part of you is relating with this art form. As much as you talk to the art, the art also talks to you. Art is a representation of your inner world. Then think of art forms which a community, nation or an organisation relates to. Such art forms are a doorway to knowing the collective consciousness of such groups. Art helps you in knowing your true nature. Imagine the possibilities of transformation with such knowing.


Picture of Adi Raheja

Adi Raheja

Adi is an educator and facilitator with creativity as one of his strengths that motivates him to give his best. A wanderer and adventurer at heart, he loves to trek. Mountains call, push and challenge him to be himself. He is fond of kids and loves engaging with them in conversations.

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